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Movie: Despicable Me 2

When Gru, the world's most super-bad turned super-dad has been recruited by a team of officials to stop lethal muscle and a host of Gru's own, He has to fight back with new gadgetry, cars, and more minion madness. (PG 98 minutes) Fun for the whole family. Refreshments will be provided. Registration begins Monday, June 15th.

08/04/2015 - 2:00pm

Hercules and Heroes: Hampstead Stage Company

Hercules and Heroes tells a tale of a more conventional hero, Hercules, and how he overcomes the odds and completes his Herculean tasks. It also tells the story of Jason and the Golden Fleece. This show has mask work, storytelling from another culture, sword fights, and most importantly, includes the positive message of standing up for yourself. Fun for the whole family. Please register by calling 294-3306, x5.

08/07/2015 - 1:30pm