COVID-19 Express Services

Express Services 

Express services are offered at the library on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10:00 AM – 3:30 PM. Express services are available on a first-come first-serve basis in the library’s Meeting Room.  

Follow the signs along the walking path to the left of the library entrance to the Meeting Room side door for entry. If you anticipate or experience difficulty accessing the room this way, please call the library at (401) 294-3306 to discuss accommodations. 

All visitors who are able are required to wear a mask while in the library for services, and must practice social distancing from others.  

Space is limited. If you arrive and the room is at capacity, library staff will take your name and cell phone number, vehicle description, or a note about where you will be waiting for your turn. As space becomes available, a staff member will contact visitors in order of their arrival.   

Services available: 

  • Computer use (up to 20 minutes)   
  • Printing (see FAQ regarding mobile printing)  
  • Copying  
  • Scanning  
  • Faxing  
  • Notary services 


Hours of operation 

  • 10:00 AM – 3:30 PM, Monday–Friday 

Ways to contact the library during operating hours with questions: 

If you cannot contact us during our operating hours, you may leave a message or email and someone will get back to you 


Learn about our other current offerings:


How many computers are available for use? 

There are two (2) computers available for use for up to 20 minutes.  


What happens if all the computers are in use?  

If you come to use a computer and they are all in use, a library staff member will take your information to let you know when one becomes available. You can wait outside the library, or you may leave a phone number and they will give you a call. We ask that you remain on the library property while you wait. 


I need longer than 20 minutes on the computer. Can I request a longer session? 

To reach the greatest number of people per day, available computers will automatically time out after 20 minutes. Extensions can be considered by library staff on a case by case basis as related to demand for service at the time of the request. We cannot guarantee anyone a longer session.    


Can I send my print job from home and pick it up at the library?  

Yes. The library’s printer is able to accommodate mobile printing sent from any location for quick pick up. Click here for more information on how to send your document(s). If you send a mobile print before arriving to the library, please tell library staff upon arrival you would like to pick up an existing mobile print job, and provide the email address or release code associated with the job. If you need assistance, please call the library at (401) 294-3306. 


Does the express services include browsing for materials?  

Express services did not initially include browsing, but browsing is now available. Read more about how our Limited Browsing is set up, here.